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My name is Kate Peach and I am passionate about Childcare, wellbeing and education.

I began my working life as a qualified child-carer however, my ambition, tenacity and drive, together with the knowledge, qualifications and the experience I gained, enabled me to rise through the ranks to nursery management, into a regional training manager role and ultimately on to the position of Managing Director within a highly-respected chain of nurseries.

In this position, I was responsible for managing senior professionals, the development of new business opportunities, consulting around many change programs including the expansion of services, closing down of services, critical incident management and coaching managers to access new competence.

In 2011 I created Peacharno as I wanted to be able to use the vast experience I had gained in my many roles to improve, support and enable those in childcare.

Those who know me and have worked with me will tell you that part of my success can be attributed to my desire to do things differently, honestly and with integrity. I love the feeling of creating a vision which I can then share, motivating and leading those around me until we achieve our desired goal!

Time away from work is spent with my family, I love being a Mum and take my role very seriously ensuring that I have a work life balance that enables me to be the best I can be in both my working and my home life. I have worked tremendously hard to create the life I have and to make sure my two major passions have equal space and attention.

I work and have worked with some amazing people and here are a couple of testimonials that I treasure…

“Kate is amazing. Brimfull of energy and enthusiasm she sets herself the highest goals and has the terrier tenacity which goes with setting world class standards. She ran one of the most vibrant companies I’ve come across before it was sold. Now she is providing inspiring and effective advice to a select group. This is a lady who’ll change the world.”
– Richard Hall

“Kate has the ability to challenge the norms in a supportive way. She has a reputation for enabling employees to access their competence with much clarity and humanness. Her work is collaborative in nature where she openly explores and generates answers together with the organisations with which she works. Her expertise is in being able to capture what is happening for the individual and the organisation and offer practical solutions that lead to meaningful and lasting change.”
– Jane Little Acorns London


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