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All our toolkits are flexible – they can be arranged as one-hour wonders to half day extravaganzas. All are designed to suit your needs. Most toolkits include an introductory assembly and follow up sessions. Call Kate P on 07976 950672 or Kate T on 07733 111590 for a free consultation on how we can help you (we’ll even help you chose the right combination).

1. Emotional Wellbeing & Balance

We run a wonderful workshop supporting Early Years Practitioners in understanding the importance of emotional development in early childhood and enabling them to facilitate activities that will help to develop mindful learners • Session length: 2 hours • Venue: Nursery, training room and outdoor space.

2. Fascination, Passion & Play

The objective is to ignite the child carers’ passion for play! We use practical activities and gorgeous spaces to inspire Early Years Teams to be fascinated, passionate and therefore to play better. We want to spark curiosity amongst the children while they explore and discover different things in their environment. • Venue: In the Nursery at your setting • A pre-training visit to your site is included in this package.

3. The Reflective Team

We are all very aware of the importance of wellbeing within the workplace and this workshop helps to develop the team to work more effectively together. We aim to create more self- awareness and increase happiness within the workplace. Keeping your workforce motivated and healthy is hugely important, after all, they are your biggest and best resource. • Venue – At your setting • 4 x 1.45 hour sessions

4. Showcasing Your Nursery Team

We all know that “first impressions count”. This workshop works with your team to help them create a fabulous first impression whether it be by phone call, a visit to the nursery or enrolment on a first day. We also work on topics such as – how do you keep your customers? How do the mangers inspire their workforce to provide brilliant customer service? • Venue – anywhere you like! • Sessions – one to one’s with managers, practical discussion groups with teams.

5. Happiness for the Early Years

This is an introductory staff workshop on happiness and creating our “Happiness Project” in your Early years setting. We work with the teams to get them started on a series of activities designed to create the nursery’s own happiness project. We are looking to create practitioners who celebrate and see the importance of happiness through teachable moments.t as this is a week long event that needs careful planning and preparation.

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