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The school worked very hard to teach the children all of the wonderful things they would need to know ready for secondary school and college and the big wide world afterwards. One day a brilliant shiny teacher, Mrs Mills noticed that some her class of year 4’s looked very unhappy and sad. Mrs Mills asked the class “what’s up guys why do you look so glum?” Maura, a bright young 8 year old pipped up “we love our learning Mrs Mills, we love our teacher and we do love our school, but the other day when Honeybee was feeling not very happy we tried to cheer her up”.

That sounds like a very kind thing to do” said Mrs Mills. “Miss” said a bouncy young lad named Frank “miss we thought it would be easy to make her happy but we didn’t know how”. “What did you try?” asked Mrs Mills. “We sang to her, we hugged her and we showed her how awesome our school is” replied Maura.

Did this cheer Honeybee up?” asked the teacher with a puzzled expression on her face. “Nope Miss, that’s the thing” replied young Frank “she said that we were all lovely but the school looked sad?” the boy said the last part with a questioning voice.

Miss Mills looked at her group of children and wondered what might be making them all so glum! She was puzzled by the explanations of the group and decided to explore this some more. “Does anyone else think that the school looks sad?” asked the by now very puzzled teacher. Some of the children raised their hands, when they did this a few children jumped up and said “but we know how to make Honeybee happy”. And all at once 5 or 6 children were talking at once sharing their ideas. “Skipping makes me happy” said Chloe. “I love to dance” called out a rather fidgety boy called Bob. “We love to paint and draw” said the twins, Megan and Felicity, at the very same time. “I like to sit and read books so much more than other stuff” said River. “Playing with my friends makes me happy and warm and feels lovely” called out Leila. “Hmmmmm” Mrs Mills thought out loud, “well that means that lots of different things make people happy and maybe we didn’t find Honeybees happiest thing yet” said Mrs Mills thoughtfully.

I am also wondering what makes our school look sad” she pondered out loud. George called out at the very top of his voice “my mum says that we can all find our happiness is we look hard enough Mrs Mills”. “My daddy said that it’s a science” replied the usually very quiet Bertie. “Well that’s it” said Mrs Mills “shall we look into the vey science of happiness?”. The class looked puzzled, intrigued, excited and curious all at once. “Great idea” shouted an excited Honeybee. And after that day Mrs Mills and her year 4’s set about exploring how they could create more happiness, for the children and in the school.

We need tools” said River “we need a plan” added Chloe “and lots of things to do it all with” sang the twins Megan and Felicity. Mrs Mills thought long and hard and then she remembered a picture she had seen online with words that made her feel happy, she had followed the link and found two ladies, both called Kate, “this will make it nice and easy to remember their names” she thought out loud.

The two Kates had toolkits, a whole collection of different toolkits to support teachers with the projects that they had to find time to squeeze in around the busy packed curriculum. That night Mrs Mills looked up the two Kates and found that they were called Peacharno, “hmmm sounds like a yummy Italian ice-cream” she chuckled to herself. When Mrs Mills looked through the fabulous toolkits she noticed ‘The Happiness Project’.

As she read on Mrs Mills was filled with relief that the two Kates definitely had the perfect toolkit, this would save her time and resources as they bring everything the school needs for the project with them. The planning, the resources the organisation the ideas all ready for Mrs Mills and all of the teachers, children and parents.

This was perfect.

• Find The Happiness Project in our Primary Schools Toolkit

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