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Our workshops will give you a chance to have a play with some creative stuff, talk to other parents and also have a one to one chat with Kate P, an NLP Practitioner or Kate T a Life Coach/Mentor. Workshops will run from 9.30 – 12.30pm, with tea & coffee provided (and the occasional cake – everybody needs cake!)

The cost is £25.00 per person, with only 6 people per workshop bookings are on a first come first served basis. Dates to follow…

1. Working in partnership with your child’s school

This workshop is designed for Parents with children in Primary & secondary education. We work with you to give you the confidence and a range of communication tools to use when working in partnership with your child’s school. We help you to develop a rapport with your child’s teacher, learning ways to ensure your school understands your child

2. It’s a tough world out there” – helping your children to cope

We cover a variety of topics in this series of workshops, all designed to help you to support your child in today’s world. Topics include: ‘Understanding the digital world’, ‘The challenges of friendships’, ‘Mindfulness and how it can help the whole family’, ‘Choosing happiness – changing attitudes at school and at home’, ‘The benefits of being kind to yourself & others.’

3. There is no such thing as perfect parenting

Are you overwhelmed and bombarded with information coming from every direction on how to be a perfect parent? NEWSFLASH – THERE’S NO SUCH THING! Come along to our workshop, meet other parents equally overwhelmed as you and learn about what a great job you are actually doing! Discuss the pressure we feel to “get it right” whether it be from the “perfect parent bloggers” to our own families and friends and swap tips and ideas on how to handle it.

4. There are only so many hours in the day

This is a very practical workshop where we look at ideas and tools to help you manage your time more effectively, to live in the moment more and stress less. Activities include; meal planning, task prioritising, weekly planning and LIST WRITING (we all love a list – learn how to make effective ones.)

Skype Support & Mentoring Sessions

Do you wish that there was someone who could provide you with additional support to help you navigate the minefield that is parenting?

We provide 1 to 1 sessions via Skype or Face time giving you the opportunity to chant, rant, vent, run thoughts and ideas past us. Sometimes we just need an outside person to help us see the wood for the trees. Drop us an email and we can organise a free consultation with you to see if we can help.


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