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All our toolkits are flexible – they can be arranged as one-hour wonders to half day extravaganzas. All are designed to suit your needs. Most toolkits include an introductory assembly and follow up sessions. Call Kate P on 07976 950672 or Kate T on 07733 111590 for a free consultation on how we can help you (we’ll even help you chose the right combination).


These Classroom sessions give Children the tools and resources to manage relationships with their peers. The sessions are creative and encourage practical solutions along with making actual objects to assist their development. Activities include: Happiness jars, positive paperchains, friendship bookmarks and many other delicious things.


A week of events including assemblies, workshops, art classes and parent/teacher workshops to make the school a happier place. The aim is to create a project that can continue throughout the school year. Find out more about The Happiness Project


These Workshops are designed to give the children the resources to build confidence and self-esteem. We include: ‘How to navigate the digital world safely?’, ‘Developing children’s understanding of their responsibility for their behaviour’, ‘Exploring ways in which self-esteem and confidence can be improved within both individuals and the class’. Activities include: Creative badge making, feelings flashcards, storytelling and lots more exciting super hero stuff!


Teaching children child focused meditation. These sessions are particularly good for children struggling with anxiety related issues but also work as a group activity. Mindfulness for children encourages empathy, resilience and increases self awareness. Activities include: How to find their quiet place, breathing techniques, positive states.


Our Kindness and compassion sessions help children develop awareness of their own map and other people’s “maps of the world”. We are looking to create patience and tolerance with the people they share their world with. We help the children to understand what kindness is and give them the resources to practise kindness in their every day life. Activities include: The kindness tree, pay it forward, class acts of kindness and other creative activities.


Both pre and post sessions can be booked with us to ensure that the teachers have a thorough understanding of all the sessions we run within the school. We like to work with the team to enable them to become fully involved and excited in what we are doing so that they are then able to carry on the projects within the school. Each session is 45 minutes and can be booked at the end of the school day or at a time that suits your team. Pre-session teacher workshops are usually encouraged for the Happiness project as this is a week long event that needs careful planning and preparation.

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