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Early years training

Providing high quality childcare, on-going training and development for your childcare professionals is essential. Each of our courses is supported by current research, and has been designed to motivate staff, encourage the use of best practice and promote pride and professionalism in the field of childcare. We find that staff learn best when training is engaging and enjoyable; our courses are led by experienced childcare professionals who are adept at delivering training that is lively, thought-provoking, inspiring and fun!

Our typical range of courses includes those listed below, however we can also tailor-make courses that work for your exact requirements.

  • Inspirational play
    This training session explores the benefits of providing inspirational play resources, activities and learning environments for children’s learning and development, using everyday in-house resources in unconventional, interactive and innovative ways.
  • Heuristic Play and Treasure Baskets
    This training session explores the history, theory and benefits of providing treasure baskets and heuristic play, including building a stimulating resources library and presentation of resources to enable practitioners to deliver an engaging session.
  • Small World Session
    This training session explores the theory and benefits of providing small world play for children’s learning and development. Participants will actively create small world scenarios and a resources lists to enable them to build and access ready-made small world play opportunities.
  • Engaging in Group Time
    This training session explores the benefits of an engaging group time session, and how to improve and make the most of your group times with children. Participants will be actively involved in delivering, creating plans and resources for an engaging group time.
  • Caring For The Customer
    This training session explores why customer care is an important part of all employees job roles, how to build and maintain relationships with customers, their varying needs and how to respond to challenging situations.
  • Successful Story-telling
    This training session explores the learning and development benefits of story-telling with and by the children themselves, how to improve story telling skills and introducing props and resources to deliver inspirational story times.
  • Managing behaviours
    This training session explores the different behaviours exhibited by children and the possible reasons/triggers behind them. Behaviour management strategies and their implementation to respond to challenging behaviour.
  • The Reflective Practitioner
    This training session explores the purpose of reflection and how it improves practise. Identifying and developing reflective tools and strategies to promote staff confidence, competence and being proactive in making positive changes.
  • Healthy Body, Happy Person
    This training session explores each aspect of the NDNA Healthy Body Happy Me directive, its links to EYFS and the benefits to settings and their families. Practitioners will develop a catalogue of activities and resources to enable smooth delivery for the week-long event.
  • Children & ICT
    This training session explores the benefits of engaging children with ICT, the various types of ICT appropriate for children and ways of incorporating it in play.
  • Boys, Boys, Boys
    This training session explores the different needs of boys, their development, how to engage them in literacy and other areas of learning and ways of meeting their schematic interests.
  • Inclusive Practice
    This training session explores the definition of inclusive practice, the requirements and regulations relating to inclusive practice and ways of embedding it in the daily routine. Participants will look at the diverse needs of children and their families, promoting better planning and delivery of care.
  • Extending the Parent Partnership
    This training session explores the importance and benefits of good parent partnerships, how to establish and extend relationships and getting the most out of partnership meetings.
  • EYFS: The Future
    This training session explores changes in the EYFS and the reasoning behind them, ways of implementing the EYFS and clarification of its terminology.
  • School Readiness
    This training session explores children’s needs when preparing for school and managing parental expectations during this stage. This covers understanding resources, activities and routines to support the transition and meeting required standards for starting school.
  • Room Leader Training
    This training session is designed to support new “Lead Practitioners” in their role and those who may make the transition in the future, including managing workload commitments and responsibilities, empowering colleagues, creating a good working environment and atmosphere, and responding to staff and parental issues.
  • Outdoor Play
    This training session explores the benefits of being outdoors and promoting the use of outdoor play and learning, and the importance of outdoor play and learning in relation to OFSTED and the EYFS. Participants will create a bank of stimulating activities and resources to develop their outdoor areas and inspire their team.
  • Prevent & British Values
    This training session explores the reasoning behind Prevent & British Values, clarification of terminology and how to embed British Values into everyday practise ensuring standards and regulations are met.

Courses regularly run at locations across the South East.

We are able to offer complete flexibility in how these courses are delivered, designing a solution to fit your needs. Courses can be run individually, or as a package, at your nursery or together with a number of other nurseries in your area. All our courses are priced to be competitive with other providers including local authorities.

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