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Emotional wellbeing

The early years are a crucial time to nurture resilient social and emotional capabilities in children. A well-supported childhood alongside an abundance of positive experiences is likely to lead to many positive later outcomes and achievements for both children and their families.

There is no generic or easy way of ensuring total emotional stability for young children as each individual is moulded by their surroundings and personal experiences however a positive, understanding and empathetic role model is a good start. Life is often full of complexities and pressures that can impact on children’s mental progress.

We run a wonderful Emotional Wellbeing Workshop supporting other professionals in understanding the importance of emotional development in early childhood and enabling them to facilitate activities that will help to develop mindful learners.

Our area of expertise helps to explore children’s thoughts, feelings and emotions and gives guidance on how to support them in maintaining some control over themselves. We work with practitioners and early years’ teams to help develop techniques that can motivate children to explore their identities, such strategies can equally amplify children’s awareness and appreciation for the world around them. Examples of methods include meditation, yoga, sensory stimulation and other progressive techniques.

With more and more emphasis being put on improving the emotional wellbeing of children, give us a call today to find out more about the training we offer. Call us on 07770 865943.

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