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Secret shopping

Peacharno consulting offer a unique secret shopper service. The idea came from recognising a need to openly reflect on what the service user experiences as a result of both operating nurseries and our own experience of mums from the Peacharno team looking for childcare.

The purpose and value of the secret shopper activity is to capture an accurate and realistic picture of the service the user experiences. It highlights whether the values, ethos and USP’s of the company are portrayed and sold to perspective customers appropriately and effectively and assesses whether the company brand is portrayed successfully.

Using a score sheet with specified areas to look at, a ‘secret shopper’ activity allows the company to bench mark their performance against what they hope to offer in comparison to what is offered and to develop training to further enhance the experience and services they provide. This exercise will evaluate how well nursery teams are able to manage telephone enquiries, establish what information is requested and what information is given, how they take this forward and the quality of show rounds. It will ascertain if consistent information is being given out and has focused on detailed information regarding the USP’s within the individual settings.

  • e-mail enquiries:
    Focus here is on response time and information given, how does the email address any questions asked and what info is attached to the reply? Does the responding email invite them to visit the nursery?
  • Telephone enquiries:
    Focus here is on first impressions, information collected on the caller, information given to the caller, is a show round booked by the end of the call?
  • Show rounds:
    Was the visitor expected? What were the visitors first impressions? Quality of information given during the visit, customer service levels, paperwork given at the end of the visit, overall visit experience including activities/equipment available and engagement of staff with the children are assessed.
  • The shoppers: 
    The shoppers, who are specifically selected for their extensive skills and experience, are aged 29 to 40, female and have been trained in our high expectations and standards. Most are parents and have looked at and used childcare facilities for their own families and all of them have worked in a variety of roles within different childcare settings. (Profiles are attached to reports).

Our Feedback options include; a final report. This summarises findings and scores in both a written and a visual context. It highlights patterns and trends and gives an analysis of the findings. This can also be presented back to the company verbally.

In addition to this individual reports can be prepared for each setting. This will include score sheets and findings per setting in both a written and visual context. Or a unique bespoke method of feedback can be arranged. The team can also ‘shop’ competitor nurseries.

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