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We work with both Primary and Secondary Schools from Key stage 1 up to Key stage 4. We can work with groups of children or on a 1:1 basis all within your school. We also create school assemblies to cover certain topics and have a range of lessons that we regularly run within schools but also create individual training sessions upon request.

Subjects that we currently cover:

  • Anti – Bullying
    We work with school to address issues around bullying and friendship issues. We work with the perpetrators and those experiencing bullying. We offer a whole school approach with assemblies, classroom workshops, teacher training and parent sessions. Along with anti -bullying support we deliver mediation, peer support, buddy training which empower your staff and pupils to support each other. If you have a particular issue we can tailor make a package to support & address your school’s needs.
  • Self –esteem
    Many young people have low self -esteem which can act as a barrier to learning and thriving in school. We offer 1:1 support for anxiety and increasing self- esteem. Group work for creating positive friendship groups and positive peers.
  • School attendance
    Attendance consultation, how to improve your overall school attendance and punctuality. We have over 12 years’ experience in Education Welfare Service. Consultation includes targeted data support, tracking letters, assemblies, parental meetings and attendance initiatives.
  • E-safety
    Keeping our young people safe in cyber space is a real challenge. We offer school workshops, early years through to key stage 4, staff training and parent sessions. Covering topics from “what’s to share and not to share”, age restrictions and dangers of social media, your digital footprint and your on-line reputation. Information is kept up to date with training from UK online safety and CEOPS.
  • Transition
    Positive transition to secondary school is essential for the best possible start in Year 7.  Our transition is for Year 6 pupils, whole class approach getting ready for secondary school.
  • Building positive friendships
    Friendship problems are often mistaken for bullying. We offer friendship groups for pupils who regularly fall out or have difficulty making friends. These sessions run once a week for a 6-week term. Fun session where the pupils learn why are friends important? What makes a good friend?
  • Ready to Learn
    More and more our reception children are arriving in school lacking some of the skills required to learn. They may disrupt the class, bother other children, not know when to sit sensibly or shout out when they want attention.  Ready to learn is small group work for reception and Key stage 1 on good sitting and listening, kind hands and feet, giving positive feedback so the children’s classroom behaviour improves and they and others are able to learn.


We know how busy life is in school so please feel free to drop us a line at or give us a call on 07770 865943 and one of the team can give you more details on the courses we offer and answer any questions you might have.

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